Calls to action on your website

A website can be created to do may things. Some sites are there purely for information and to infor a visitor of the products or services your business offers, whilst others allow visitors to purchase off the website or login in to carry out certain tasks.
Even if you are only trying to gain enquiries through email or telephone, every website needs to have call to action placements. The purpose of a Call to action or CTA’s is to get the visitor to complete an action based on your recommendations. Some call to actions are simply a “click here” button that takes the viewer through to an enquiry form, whereas others will be stronger and require the customer to complete a purchase.
How a CTA is displayed can differ vastly from site to site and even from page to page with some being created to look like an advert you may see in a magazine to others simply showing a phone number to call or a live chat button to click on. It is important to give your visitors direction on your site so they find it easy to do what they came to and CTA’s are a great way of doing so.