Ebay Shop Design for Beginners

To design an ebay shop, you will require an active eBay store, one  which you can access in full time. You may also require a server where a .CSS file will be hosted in which ebay can load for the colors.   SETTING UP YOUR  STORE
The moment  your eBay store is ready, with the “Quick Store Setup” option, you can begin to manage it. This can done this by:
Log into the ebay summary and scroll down.
Click “Manage my Store” on the left navigation bar.
Edit your store and add features such as categories. You can to create up to 300 different store categories for your new eBay store
Click “Store Categories” on the left navigation to add categories.
Click the ‘Add Category’ to create the best of your categories, giving them suitable names. You can create 5 categories at a time.
You can add more categories by clicking on a particular category link to access that category and create sub-categories inside it.
Move onto the next step.
DISPLAY SETTINGS Edit Display Settings. The Display Settings allow one to add a title to the Store, view the Store URL, you can change it, changes Change the Store Logo and Edit Store Description. Store Name: Give the Store a good name that may include includes what you sell.
Store Logo: Choose a logo from your PC or choose a basic eBay one for the store. Size must be 310×90 pixels. Store Description:  Explain what is sold.This could bring you potential customers to all of your items on a huge scale if the right keywords are mentioned.
Is allows you to edit your store’s theme, edit Left Navigation Bar settings, and make changes to the Store Header Display. It can also let you alter the way items are listed on the storefront.  Store Theme:  Choose a theme that appears good and matches the colors of the item. Left Navigation Bar Settings: You can Choose to show the Search Box, categories, Store Pages and Buyer Display options. Store Header Display: The Store Page Header should be turned on and select the type of eBay header displays. This can only be changed this with a premium store. Item Display: Select whether to display items on the store as a list or in a Gallery View.
They will let you put some small pieces of information on your store in different locations. They may comprise of information about commodities on Sale or an offer you currently have for customers. They can also be used to create slideshows of commodities currently on sale.