EShop Website Design for the Mobile Market

Setting up an e shop or online store does come with its challenges and difficulties. If you are new to the business, chances are you are having a hard time trying to figure out what kind of eshop website design you should adopt. Here’s one good piece of advice that you can take: try to determine if most of your clients are using personal computers, laptops, or their mobile phones when accessing your shop.

Why is this relevant, you might ask? There are certain methods of designing a website that considers the type of device used by the buyer. If your clients are more of the tablet and mobile kind of people, you will be better off employing the responsive kind of design in your website.

Responsive designs are the latest innovation and it has been catching on quite a lot when it comes to eshop website designs.This kind of design loads faster, has larger fonts and more pictures than there is text. It is also easy to navigate through and can be accessed with just a few clicks or taps.

What features does it have?

The responsive web design can be considered minimalist in the sense that the lay out is clear and there is, most of the time, only one image at the center. The idea behind this is that the screen of a mobile phone is much smaller than a tablet screen or a computer monitor. If there were multiple images, there is a chance that the images will not load, or it will be too difficult to view them using a small, handheld device.

Additionally, in place of the sea of text, or large quantities of copy, there are shorter and more precise descriptions. For example, different tabs only have a few sentences each to describe that section. Since it is an eshop, it is also easier to view the description of each of the products when you use a responsive design. There can be an initial description which you can tap to expand if you wish to view additional details such as size, dimensions, material composition, among others.

Infinite Scrolling also allows you to do your eshop website design as a single and continuous page. This will allow you to do away with different sections and tabs. If all you need to do is have the guests or customers click the buy button at the end, infinite scrolling will be beneficial for you.

Let’s talk About Fonts

You can be creative with the fonts that you use in your eshop, but always bear in mind that you are selling a product, a brand or a service. The font that you use should reflect on how you want to be perceived by your target audience. If your eshop is all about fun, youth, and accessories, then by all means use cute fonts and perky colors. However, if your image is more of the serious internet guru type, you will need to use a font that will make people want to take you seriously.