Marketing Crisis Recovery Plan

Online marketing carries with it the risk of causing upset to your users due to your content’s intensions being misconstrued or misunderstood. To ensure the best possible outcome from this type of occurrence, you need to have a Crisis Recovery Plan created and ready for immediate implantation, for when things go awry.

1. Plan the Who: there needs to be a certain individual or a team (depending on the size of your company) that will be dedicated to the recovery response process.

2. Understand the Damage: define possible crisis levels by placing a severity level for each possible scenario to help outline how intensive the response will need to be.

3. Remember Who You Are: throughout the entire process ensure to keep the company’s core values in mind.

4. Cease and Desist: all scheduled content should be paused and new content should be created that will help manage the damage.

5. Own up: regardless of how serious the incident was, you need to publicly acknowledge that a mistake was made and let people know how you plan correct it.

6. Stay Professional: engage with users over the incident but do not argue. You can even create pre-approved messages to limit the chances of things becoming heated.

7. Record the Process: continuously assess the damage and allow the dust to settle. Use the experience to improve your plan for future issues.