Pros and Cons of a Vector Image

When it comes to creating a brand or logo image, you have probably heard of the term, vector image. Vector images differ from raster images in that they are created using a set of points, lines, curves or polygons and often have a more primitive colour or simple gradient of colour. A raster image differs in that it is often described as a grid of properly coloured pixels, such as a photograph, for example.


• Vector images typically do not take up as much disk space
• Vector images do not degrade in quality when make larger or smaller
• They are easily edited or modified such as change in colour scheme
• Once you are familiar with the software used to create them, vector images are quite simple to make


• Small errors in the image are often easy to spot, so it is important to make them as ‘perfect’ as you can
• A decently powerful computer needs to be used to create them and data volume needs to be low

Vector images are recommended for branding images or logos as they are ultimately easier to use in different mediums and easily modified when necessary.