Understanding Your Customer Journey

One way to try and improve your website, to it’s optimal experience for your customers, is to try to better understand their entire journey from the initial landing page, to hopefully conversion. One way to do this, is to have close friends and family navigate your website and give their in-depth feedback as to how hard or easy they felt finding things was, how many pages they had to go through to get to where they needed to be, if they found the navigation easy, what aspects possibly frustrated them or didn’t work as it should and how long the checkout process was.

It is also good practice to ensure your staff are very familiar with the website, how to navigate it, where to find things and give feedback on possible improvements. You should also not neglect to be intimately familiar with your website yourself.

By better understanding your customer or potential customer’s journey through your website, you will better understand why you may not be getting the conversions you hope for and make improvements to ensuring your site is the most user-friendly and effortless, it can be.