Why is it Important to have a ‘Call to Action’ on Every Page?

If you have not heard of the term ‘Call to Action’ (CTA), it is in reference to what you would like you website users to do. Whether that be ‘Book Now’ ‘Email Now’ ‘Call Now’ or ‘Add to Basket’ and ‘Checkout’ you want to have something like this on every one of your website pages, so as to encourage the user to take some kind of action that will support your brand. Also, having those CTA’s easily seen and apparent will mean that your users will have to search less for the actions they want to take when interacting with your site.

Your website is supposed to be informing people of why they want what you are offering and giving them the means to easily take that action and get a result. If you do not tell your customers how you want them to interact with you, they may not be sure themselves. A CTA tells them what to do and when.